Martin Hering

Blackmagic has done it again. The Pocket Cinema Camera has 4K60 internal RAW recording! Awesome specs!…

DJI seems to be another launch partner for ProRes RAW as well. I guess, we can expect the Zenmuse X5r and the X7 cameras to also shoot in ProRes RAW as well as Cinema DNG.

So, ProRes RAW might be a big theme at NAB 2018 tomorrow with stuff from Apple, Atomos, Blackmagic, Sony and others.…

Blackmagicdesign Pocket Cinema Camera 4K 🤔💵?…


Today I used NSTextFinder for the first time. Awesome AppKit API. Anybody you says, you should replace AppKit with some UIKit variant doesn‘t know what he‘s talking about.

The thing is, it seems to be really hard to read out a full-frame sensor, scale it to 4K with 60 frames per second. The GH5 pulls it off, because it has a way smaller sensor.

Nevertheless the α7 III looks like a great all around mirrorless full-frame camera.…

The one thing for what I would replace my α7 II with an α7 III would be 4K60p Clean HDMI out which it doesn’t have.

New mirrorless APS-C vlogging camera: Canon EOS M50 with 4K/30p and Dual Pixel AF (not in 4K though). 📷

Sold my DJI Mavic Pro a week ago. Now waiting for the DJI Mavic Pro 2 rumored to be out in March (maybe at MWC or NAB) featuring a 1 inch sensor and 35 min of flight time. Halleluja.

Who at Canon is thinking that we need a new RAW file format in 2018? Seriously.…

According to rumors, we’ll get a new Sony camera tomorrow. Maybe the α6700 or the α7III. 📷👍

I just wrote 2000 lines of code to circumvent two bugs in Apple’s RAW engine. 🏆

Apple’s RAW engine still can’t handle 10 and 12 bit RAW from a DNG file container. Opening the DNG file with Preview just shows a black image. Changing the RAW data to 14 bit by shifting every pixel 2 bits left, fixes that. Reported that issue last year. Hasn’t been fixed yet.

I guess it’s time for an Instagram based on the system. Let’s call it Microgram, shall we?… 🤔

The RX Vega 64 in my Hackintosh on 10.13.4 stops spinning the fans when YouTube is running in Safari. Also works when paused. Loco. 👾

I am selling a used RX 580 on Amazon and now someone ask me if I have 150 of those. This Bitcoin thing makes everybody crazy.

Windows 10 is hopelessly unstable. Even MacOS runs better on a PC than Windows. 💣

Next major feature of Colorcast will be support for Magic Lantern. And after that I’ll add Image Sequence and Cinema DNG support.