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Finally German TV series are not only for old folks anymore. 👏

The new video scopes in Colorcast 0.3.1 look awesome. They are rendered using Metal Performance Shaders now. Blog post of how I did it will follow.

LIVE Hackintosh Dual Boot Repair Cont: 3. Update Windows and Restart. 4. Make sure it still works. 5. Shutdown and reinstall RX 580, 6. disable Intel Graphics in Bios again and boot Windows. 7. Reinstall AMD RX drivers, just to make sure. 8. ✅ ✌️

Now LIVE on this channel: Repairing Hackintosh Dual Boot. 1. unplugging AMD RX 580 and enabling intel graphics. 2. boot windows. Windows is now showing up again. Stay tuned.

Windows Update just killed my Hackintosh Dual Boot situation. There goes a couple of wasted hours again. Thanks. 🖥🔫

The best accessory to a Sony camera is a USB power bank connected to it whenever you’re not shooting.

Wow, the Panasonic GH5s seems like a very capable new video camera. Amazing image quality for such a small sensor. Performs very well on high ISO and does 4K60p. Just nice.

Just integrated into my website via the json feed feature and posted about it on cross-posting to Twitter. This is so meta.

Still testing out Here’s a nice photo I took last year in Sweden. If everything goes well, just cross-posted this message and the photo to Twitter.

I am testing out